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In Llullapuquio, Chamis, and the district of Chetilla, Copper Standard’s commitment to sustainable development, through Peruvian companies related to the Project, is paramount. By fostering long-term economic and social opportunities, we aim to uplift these communities for generations to come. Through strategic initiatives, such as employment programs and enhancements to local road infrastructure, the project seeks to catalyze tangible progress. Crucially, we prioritize the inclusion of local voices, ensuring that the community plays a central role in shaping the project’s trajectory. With active and meaningful participation, we strive to build a future where prosperity is shared by all, rooted in sustainability, and driven by collaboration.

Areas of Focus are:

  1. Education.
  2. Providing Employment.
  3. Community Improvements & Healthcare.
  4. Livestock & Agricultural Improvements.


In our commitment to education improvement and social responsibility, we embark on a comprehensive approach to support the growth and development of students and teachers alike. By providing essential supplies for primary and secondary schools, including stationery and materials, we ensure that learning environments are equipped for success. Additionally, we prioritize the well-being of educators by supporting their salaries, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping young minds.

Our focus extends beyond mere provision, aiming to empower students with the necessary skills in mathematics and communication to excel in university and institute entrance exams. Through the employment of six teachers in the area, coupled with support services such as career guidance and access to photocopies, we aim to foster educational excellence in communities like Cushunga, Tambillo, and Chetilla, paving the way for a brighter future. Moreover, our Educational Program – Pre-University Academy has benefited 120 participating students this far, offering two months of intensive school reinforcement to further enrich their academic journey.

Furthermore, in the area of forestry education, we strive to enhance harvesting and sawmill practices, promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Providing Employment

In our commitment to local employment and community development, we have initiated a multifaceted exploration program that not only seeks to advance mining activities sustainably but also provides significant employment opportunities. This comprehensive effort includes the construction of drill road access and platforms, facilitating drilling activities essential for exploration. Moreover, we prioritize the sustainable management of water resources in areas adjacent to mining exploration, ensuring environmental responsibility.

Additionally, we are undertaking the ambitious task of executing four communal micro-reservoirs monthly in areas like Cushunga, Carhuaquero, and Sexemayo, benefiting 200 families. To achieve this, we have hired 80 local individuals in a rotational program, providing essential income and skill development opportunities. Recognizing the need for immediate impact, we have also invested in hiring backhoe loader machinery, furthering our commitment to supporting local communities while promoting sustainable development.

Community Improvements & Healthcare

We prioritize empowering community leadership through comprehensive training initiatives. By fostering strong leaders, we aim to assist in establishing self-governing practices that promote cohesion and cooperation between bordering communities, fostering harmonious relationships and effective governance structures.

External views of the new module of Casa Llullapuquio
External views of the new module of Casa Llullapuquio
Internal views of the new module of Casa Llullapuquio
Internal views of the new module of Casa Llullapuquio

Additionally, we recognize the crucial role of education in nurturing future generations, thus undertaking efforts to improve physical school buildings, ensuring conducive learning environments for students.

Furthermore, our dedication to holistic community well-being extends to healthcare accessibility, particularly for the most vulnerable groups in the area. Through strategic partnerships with the health sector and the hiring of a nursing technician, we work to bring healthcare closer to those in need. This includes personalized care for older adults through home visits and collaboration with the Cajamarca Integrated Health Network and the Cajamarca Mobile Ambulatory Care Service (SAMU).

Improve and bring health care closer to the most vulnerable groups in the area.

Our initiatives also encompass the execution of medical campaigns and screenings, addressing prevalent health issues such as anemia and promoting overall community health and resilience.

Livestock & Agricultural Improvements

In our endeavor to foster livestock and agricultural improvements, we undertake a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of agricultural development. Through agricultural programs focusing on pasture improvement, animal health, small animal husbandry, and capacity building, we aim to enhance productivity and sustainability in the region.

Furthermore, our educational programs, including academies in Tambillo, Cushunga, and Chetilla, provide essential knowledge and skills to local farmers, empowering them to optimize their agricultural practices. Additionally, we seek to transform forestry, fish, and mushroom production in the territory of Llullapuquio, while supporting local entrepreneurship in Chamis. To ensure tangible results, we are committed to facilitating agricultural production improvements in the district of Chetilla and the Llullapuquio Cooperative through the expansion of planting plots and pastures, along with initiatives to improve animal health and small animal husbandry. This includes pasture improvement measures such as provision of seeds, hiring of tractors, and installation of micro-reservoirs, as well as capacity building efforts through the hiring of agricultural promoters and collaboration with SENASA.

Furthermore, we prioritize veterinary medicine, breeding improvement through genetics, and the enhancement of seeding and harvesting practices, all aimed at promoting sustainable agricultural development and prosperity in the region.

Partnerships with the Public Sector

Animal health campaign livestock training in milking practices

Small animal husbandry training

Development of productive and transformation business plans

Medical campaigns focused on reduction of anemia


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